Workout With No Injuries

If you want to workout with no injuries, consider using a personal trainer. Before you start any exercise program a trainer first identifies your level of fitness, which also includes identifying weak muscle groups. Weak muscle groups can force smaller muscle groups to take over their tasks and that can spell problems and injuries. If you’ve ended up with injuries in the past, this may be one of your problems. A good personal trainer will create a program to help build that muscle group back into shape and do the job it was meant to do.

You’ll work hard, but never to the point of injury

Whether you’re working out alone, in a gym or with a less than expert trainer, you might be pushing yourself too little or way too much. Overworking muscle groups can cause exhaustion and that can cause injury.


In order to maximize the benefits of regular exercise, you need to work hard, but never beyond your physical capability. A good personal trainer will find the “sweet spot” that maximizes the benefits without putting you at risk of injury.

Working smarter beats working harder any day

The best type of workout is one that maximizes the benefits in the shortest time frame and many new studies show exercises that can help that happen. Your exercise time should be fun and not drawn out torture.


Combining different types of exercises can get maximum results that won’t take as long. The longer you exercise, the more prone you will be to muscle exhaustion that can cause injury.

Learn to do the exercise correctly to avoid injury

Sometimes just moving your arm in the wrong way or inhaling when you should be exhaling makes the exercise less beneficial and may even lead to injury. When you work with a personal trainer you’ll learn to do each exercise correctly. First the trainer will show you and they watch to insure you do it right. Even though it may feel right, it’s not necessarily right. That’s one of the problems of working out to a video or in a super large group.

the_10-minute_belly-off_workout_mainChoose a trainer that works with people of all fitness levels. If the trainer only works with the already fit, he or she may drive you too hard, causing injury if you’re out of shape or new to exercise.

Make sure the trainer listens to any special needs before you start. A bad back or weak knees are information the trainer needs to know before you begin a workout. It can make the difference between injury and a successful exercise session.

Have fun while you workout. You won’t notice that you’re tired if you’re having fun. It makes the workout seem shorter and easier.

Choose personal trainers that really care about you. Sometimes trainers just want to tell you about their successes or show off their muscles. Some trainers are just acting like a trainer until something better comes along. Find one that truly cares about your fitness goals.